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U p c o m i n g  S h o w s

For Booking Information Please Email:

Roger Paul: 

Geek Week

11/22 7:00

Soho Playhouse

15 Vandam St. New York NY

Please buy your tickets at the door

St. Marks Comedy Club

11/28 9:00 pm

12 St. Marks Place, New York NY


12/7 8:00 pm

53 Christopher St. New York, NY

Ticket Link Coming soon

Eaton Pennsylvania

December 9th 7:00 pm

Info coming soon!

Jungle Comedy

December 10th 5:00 pm

Somerville MA

Ticket Link Coming soon!

Comedy on the Hudson

12/14 Doors open at 7:00

40-4 Riverwalk Place, NJ 07093

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