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We Are Coming to New Orleans to Protest the

ASRM Annual Convenention!

People Not Products

Who We Are

Donor-conceived people have been treated like products for decades by the multi-billion-dollar fertility industry. They create us without any thought about our health and safety. We are treated like products instead of human beings. Over the past few years, donor-conceived people have been finding each other and sharing stories. We have realized that so many of us have been treated with negligence that has resulted in members of our community dying needlessly. No more. October 15th at 11:00 am we will stand together for the first-ever donor-conceived people's (DCP) protest. We will be protesting at the New Orleans Convention Center where the American Society of Reproductive Medicine will be holding their annual conference. ASRM creates guidelines for the clinics and banks to follow. They should be actively standing by donor-conceived people and putting our health and safety first. Unfortunately, they have clearly shown they do not value our voices or our experiences. They have yet again not invited ANY donor-conceived person to speak on a panel to help educate doctors, clinicians, and embryologists about why the fertility industry needs to be regulated.  Since they refuse to invite us in, we will make our voices heard through protest


October 15th from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm we invite donor-conceived people, recipient parents, donors, and allies to join us as we let ASRM know that we are not going anywhere and we will be heard. Please meet us at the corner of Julia Street and Convention Center Boulevard to join us for our protest.  

CODE OF CONDUCT: This is a peaceful protest. No amplified sounds or music is allowed. We MUST stay on the sidewalk and not go under the awning at the convention center. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE is anyone allowed to harass anyone coming in or out of the convention center. DO NOT block anyone from coming in or out of the convention center. DO NOT go into the convention center since that is private property. Be respectful of our surrounding area. Do not litter, or do anything that will hurt the area. Be respectful to any and all citizens and businesses who live and work in the area. We are guests. If anyone breaks these rules, they will be asked to leave immediately. 

Then at 8:00 pm that night (October 15th) at the Howling Wolf Laura High will be headlining. Click here to purchase your tickets. Part of the proceeds from this show will be going to donor-conceived causes, and after the protest, we will definitely need a good laugh. Please buy your tickets ahead of time as seating will be limited.

We are very grateful to everyone who has donated to our cause especially our two sponsers DNAngels and Family Tree DNA

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